Work hard, be free, be safe.


The civilization of Natazon is located where the the Amazon river branches off into the Negro and Solimoes river. The coordinates of where my civilization is -2.163106 and -55.126648 .My civilization and I decided to settle here because of the water in the river, and because it often rains in the jungle which makes it worry free about growing food.


One day my tribe and I were searching for better land and a better water source, where we were living before did not have enough water for us anymore. While we were making our way through the Amazon Jungle,we heard running water. We kept walking in the direction that our ears lead us to. Finally we arrived in a place better than ever. Right where the Amazon river branches off into the Negro and Solimoes river in Brazil.

Specialization of labor and social levels

The queen of my civilization is the ruler. The queen also made sure people were thriving. Following that comes government. The government makes all of the rules for people to live by. Soldiers, soldiers protect the civilization. Making jewelry and clothing, women make jewelry and clothing for other civilians in need. Crafting baskets, women made baskets to carry crops and other foods. Hunting, men hunted for their families and to make a living. Farming, people farmed to make money and to share with their families similar to hunters.

Stable food suply

Natazon had many different kinds of food and animals. Such as, tomatoes, vanilla, corn, maize, potatoes, and cacao,. For animals we have, Alpaca, american mink, llama, Muscovy duck and Turkey. We store all of our food in houses or in baskets to transport.

System of government

Queen Bella is the rulers name. Her responsibilities are what jobs people have, where people live, and all of the general rules. We do a lot of trading in our civilization. We use coins for money, the worth all depends on the size and appearance.

Highly developed culture

  • For Architecture there is, building homes and public places, and markets

  • the buildings are made of wood and mud.

  • For music, people sang while working and to their families.

  • And for religion, there was many different religions that people followed.

  • We love to sing all together with our families.

  • Everyone who builds homes do it together and puts in a lot of effort, maybe even sing a song.

  • All families spend time together, dedicating some of their time to their religion.

  • most of my tribe is catholic.