Chef- My Path to Success

By Dawid Pikul


I want to be chef because I like cook and try new kinds of food. Also my dad wants me to be Chef. My dad has in Poland banquet hall and he wants me to be head cook. I want to be chef because chefs does not work very hard and they got paid well

Career research

Daily task and responsibilities

  • Check the freshness of the food.
  • Plan menus.
  • Check the quality of cooked food.
  • Order food and supplies.

Work environment

Chefs and head cooks work in restaurant, banquets, hotels, and other food services, all of them must be clean. Chefs and head cooks usually stand for long periods and work in a rapid environment. Kitchens are usually field with crowded and field with potential dangers, such as hot ovens and slippery floors.

Education and training

A growing number of chefs receive formal training at community colleges, technical school, culinary arts school, and 4 years college. Students in culinary programs spend the most time in the kitchen practicing their cooking skills. Chefs train on the job, where they learn the same skills as in a formal education program. Also some chefs learn from programs.

Preferred job skills

  • Speaking- Talking to others to convey information effectively.
  • Monitoring- Performance of yourself, other individuals, or organization to make improvements or take corrective action.
  • Time management- Managing one's own time and the times of others.
  • Management of personnel resources- Motivating, developing and directing people as they work, identifying the best people for the job.

Job outlook

Grow 5% from 2012 to 2022


$42,480 per year

How To Become A Chef

High School Preparation


Many high schools offer classes and clubs associated with cooking. Leyden is on of high schools that has classes associated with cooking. A classes or clubs can really help students became chefs.

  • Culinary Basic

According to article classes, clubs, and schools can help students develop many skills needed by chefs, like culinary basics or culinary school.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Work/Volunteer Experience

In this area is a lot of chefs who work in restaurants, banquets, and other food services. Working for example in Mc. Donald after school will be also helpful.

Restaurants and Chefs

  • Slurping Turtle- Takashi Yagihashi
  • Maxique- Carlos Gaytan
  • Moto- Homar Cantu


  1. Ms. Foss- Culinary Basics teacher at East Leyden High School
  2. Sami Fgaier- Personal chef at Le Personal Chef
  3. George Delatorre- Head cook at Allegre Banquet
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My Post Secondary Plan

Many people became a chefs because they love to cook and eat. Most chefs learn skills in High School and College. In order to become a chef a college education is not required but if someone wants to be head cook or someone who is higher than normal chef should do to college. I will earn a degree in Chefs and Head Cooks from:

  1. College of Southern Nevada
  2. Le Cordon Blue College of Culinary Arts Chicago
  3. Kendall College


The Career Research Project helped me a lot. I learn a lot about Chefs and how to became one. I know basic stuff about my career. Being chefs is very hard and danger Chefs have to watch out for hot ovens and slippery floor. I found a lot really good information on websites like, and Naviance. I learn a lot while I was reading about chefs. And now I want to be chef even more.