The Bilby

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Bilbys are native Australian marsupial mammals

The scientific name for the bilby is macrotis lagotis, which means they are a large eared animal. Bilbies are nocturnal. The bilby is small, with soft grey fur, big ears, a long tail and long snout. It is twenty to fifty five centimeters long. The bilby’s habitat is sandy deserts and grass lands and they live in burrows. The bilby needs worms, spiders, insects, seeds and small animals to eat to survive. The bilby gives birth to between one and three babies. Then the babies climb in to their mother’s pouch. After ten or eleven weeks the babies leave their mother’s pouch. They live in the burrow for a few months and then they go out on their own. Feral foxes, cats, dogs, snakes, hawks, dingos, quolls and goanas are all predators to the bilby which is why they are endangered. Rabbits are also a threat because they can take over the bilby’s burrow. The burrow that the bilby lives in keep them cool even in the hot desert. The bilby only eats, it does not drink because it gets all of the moisture from the animals that it eats. When the bilby is digging the burrow, once it is big enough, he seals it to protect against predators. Sadly many bilbies are hit by cars and die.

Their habitat is not so affected but feral animals are a big problem. If feral animals are controlled, the bilbies will survive.