Thursday's Thoughts

December 10, 2015

Our mission and vision team met to create our new mission, vision, and beliefs. They worked hard to come up with a mission, vision, and beliefs that truly reflect who we are as a school and one that we will always strive to be. They have aligned our essentials with the Colt's Customs that we worked on at the beginning of the year. I am so proud of what they came up with! Emily is going to send this out to you in the coming days to get your thoughts. We are going to meet in January to finalize our mission, vision, and beliefs and discuss what we would like to do to align all of this for our staff and students. :-)


It is time to start leveling. For grades K-2, please begin leveling your students. Teachers in grades 3-5, please begin leveling your lowest readers.

Parent Communication

Please remember to keep in close contact with parents. Send emails, notes, texts, and call parents to keep them informed especially with students who are having behavior issues and/or work ethic issues. Remember to make those positive contacts as well. Parent communication is critical. They need to hear from you and be informed especially if there are problems.

Board in the Conference Room

Please update the board in the conference room. Thanks so much!

Christmas Party

I am excited about our Christmas party and hope you are too! This is a physical, but fun activity- so be ready!