Saving Cybervictims


What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is as easy as bullying online, but not as easy for the victims. They get really hurt and in some cases might commit suicide...

Some Cases

  • Most common case: *This could happen to anyone* The bully starts sending disturbing and mean messages to the victim. The victim either ignores it or tell it to an adult. The victim accually decided to continue (ignore them and not tell an adult) or stops (telling an adult). If the victim chooses to continue, then it could lead to extreme cases.
  • Extreme case: Is about a girl that comitted suicide a couple days after christmas because of the mean and distrurbing messages. Read more:
  • Overcoming cases: Here's a case that this girl overcame cyberbullying. She got cyberbullied by her dancing on a video she put online then overcame cyberbullying and created a song called "Can You See Me Now". Read more:

"Can You See Me Now" By: Benni Cinkle

Can You See Me Now by Benni Cinkle

History of Cyberbullying

Since people wanted more entertainment and money so many companies surged and created social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Also instant mesages such as Gmail, Whatsapp, etc. Now with this new source of communicating bullies took advantage of this and started to cyberbully. Read more:

I hope you learned more about cyberbullying!