Religion Origin

Where- 23 million sikhs worldwide, 5th largest religion in the world. Approximately 19 million live in India, primarily in the state of Punjab. Also in U.K., Canada, and U.S.

When- Emerged in the 16th century India

Why- Between the hindu and muslims. Somewhat influenced by the reform movements in the Hinduism.


They believe that we misunderstand the universe.

Sikhism demands you live in an ordinary life to get closer to god.

They try to avoid the 5 vises which are lust,greed, attachment, anger and pride.

Deities and Holy places/Places of worship

They believe in a single, formless God with many name, who can be know through meditation.

There are over 200 Gurdwaras in India alone.


The Sikh leader is Bhai Daljeet singh. Sikhs believe in a single god who is the immortal creator of the universe and who has never been in a carinate in any form, and in the equality of all human beings.


The religion of Sikhism spread from its place of origin when Guru Nanak travelled around the world on foot and spread the word of god.

Religious symbols

The Khanda is their symbol

Nishan sanib is the flag outside every temple.

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