Hearst Weekly Update

October 6, 2019

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Principal's Message

Good evening Owls,

It was so exciting to see the enthusiasm and joy on kids' and adults' faces on Friday at the community meeting. The kids never cease to amaze me with the creativity they show in deciding upon a class name and with the banners they make together with staff! In the excitement of the reveal, I did not write down all of the class names and after I collect them this week, I'll be sure to share them in this space. Below are also the school expectations that the Rules Committee shared with the school community on Friday. The Rules Committee has the awesome responsibility of reviewing all of the classroom and grade level expectations (rules) that kids created in the first six weeks of school and, similar to the process they use when creating their class rules, whittling them down to three expectations for our school. Below are the school expectations for this year:

19-20 School Expectations

  • Treat others even better than they treat you
  • Persevere and learn from mistakes

  • Be safe and have fun

On a related note, this month is Bullying Awareness and Prevention Month and, building on the Bullyproof Your Classroom lessons that staff implemented in the first six weeks of school, we will soon begin to facilitate lessons from the 3R's curriculum that DCPS recently adopted. More information about these lessons can be found below.

Thanks for your continued support and I hope you're having a wonderful weekend,


Upcoming Events

  • Monday, October 5 - 5:30-6:30 PTA Meeting, Library; 7:00-8:00 Ward 3 EdNet Meeting, Library
  • Thursday, October 10 - Hispanic Heritage Assembly, 2:15-3:00, Gym
  • Friday, October 11 - Parent-Teacher Conference Day for 3rd-5th Grades, no school for all students
  • Monday, October 14 - Columbus Day, no school for students, teachers, and staff
  • Wednesday, October 16 - PK and CES APTT Meetings, 6:00-7:30
  • Thursday, October 17- K-2 APTT Meetings, 6:00-7:30

What I'm reading this week: The Research Journey: Introduction to Inquiry, Sharon Rallis and Gretchen Rossman

News and Announcements from Hearst

Quick Updates

  • We love when former Hearst students come back to visit us and want to welcome them when they do visit. However, in recent weeks, we have also had former students wanting to come into the school after school and hang out in the building without adult supervision in the gym and in other spaces. While we love our former Owls, unsupervised students, former or current, alone in the building is not safe. For this reason, please know that if we see unsupervised former students in the building at any time, we will direct them the security guard and/or outside to the playground.
  • A reminder that after 6pm when the security guard leaves for the day, we do not allow kids, parents, or visitors to enter the school to use the bathroom. This is so that the custodians can clean the bathrooms and prepare them for the next day. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Hearst Cross Country Team

Our Owls competed in a meet yesterday and Mr. Coleman passed along several celebrations:

  • Our Boys finished 2nd! We have never had a team finish that high!
    • Note: Only Janney was ahead of us. "Death and Taxes and Janney in 1st" I think is how the saying goes. I think we can all agree this is a great moral 1st place!
  • Our Girls finished 5th! There were three more teams this meet than last week (14 vs 17)! Last week the girls finished 6th, so more competition = no problem for us!

  • EVERY girl and most of the boys that ran the meet last Thursday ran quicker today!Yes, I'll take full credit for this (please ignore the cooler weather, flatter course, and all the extra Hearsties who came out to support our Owls today).

  • We had TONS of PRs (personal records)!! Shoutouts to Abby, Avalon, Bennett, David, Everett, Gracie, Jojo, Julie, McKenzie, Meredith, Micah, Noa, Nebyu, Owen, Rhett, Serena, Wynter. They literally have never run faster!

Emergency Personnel at Hearst

DCPS and Department of Health protocols require that we call emergency services personnel in response to a variety of situations that occur at school. Over the past few weeks, you likely have seen police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances at the school, sometimes responding to one of these situations and sometimes, in the case of the police, because they are required to routinely visit our school during their patrols. Please know that if an emergency situation impacts the school community, I will send a message to the community. When emergencies impact individuals and the safety and wellness of the community is not impacted, I will not be reaching out to the community to detail what happened in order to respect the privacy of the individuals involved. Unfortunately, there were several rumors circulating last week about an incident that required a response from emergency personnel. Please know these rumors are unfounded and that the safety of the school community was not at risk.

LSAT Corner

Dear Hearst families,

As you may be aware, enrollment at Hearst is projected to grow dramatically over the next few years, pushing us far beyond our building's current capacity. This projected enrollment spike is due to both demographic trends and the development of two new condo buildings at 3900 and 4000 Wisconsin Avenue, which are located within the current Hearst boundary. The LSAT (local school advisory team) has been working with Principal Geoffroy to develop a plan for addressing this issue. Attached are materials that provide details about the projected overcrowding at Hearst (and the current overcrowding at Deal and Wilson). We encourage you to read these materials and to provide your feedback and support in any of the following ways:

- Attend the next Ward 3 Wilson Education Network meeting on Monday, October 7, at 7 pm at the Hearst library, where a representative from the DCPS Office of Operations will talk about renovation plans for schools in the Wilson feeder pattern.

- Attend the next LSAT meeting on Wednesday, October 16, at 4:30 pm in the Hearst conference room, where we will talk about strategies for addressing the projected overcrowding at Hearst.

- Reach out to any member of the LSAT, listed here: http://www.hearstes.org/lsat. We've designated parent representatives for each grade, but feel free to contact any of us.

Romesh Ratnesar (romeshratnesar@gmail.com) -- PK / Kindergarten

Emily Olesh (edammeyer@hotmail.com) -- 1st grade

Kerry Schwed (kbschwed@gmail.com) -- 2nd grade

Alice Wang (wang.alice@gmail.com) -- 3rd grade

Skip Holmes (skipholmes@gmail.com) -- 4th grade

Keri Sikich (kwsikich@gmail.com) -- 5th grade


The Hearst LSAT

PTA Corner

The October PTA Meeting will be held Monday, October 7 at 5:30 p.m. Please note the day and time change for this meeting from our regular schedule. The meeting will be held in the library prior to the Ward 3 Ed Net meeting at 7:00. Childcare with pizza will be available for both meetings for potty trained children. Please sign up at https://forms.gle/aHKAkyeJVRV53vCa8

The agenda for Monday's PTA meeting is as follows:

*Introduction to new Hearst staff members

*LSAT Introduction and Update

*Enrichment Management Update by PTA**

*Owl Fund Update

*Fall/Winter Events Update

**Kaizen will not be attending the October meeting, but the PTA will be providing a status update.

News and Announcements from DCPS

3Rs Curriculum Notification Letter to Families

At DC Public Schools, we understand the power of partnering with families to ensure our students are on the pathway to success. This notification is being sent to make you aware that your child is about to begin the Rights, Respect, and Responsibilities (3R’s) unit. 3R’s is a curriculum that seeks to provide students with functional knowledge related to sexuality and teach them the specific skills needed to adopt healthy behaviors. The curriculum is evidence-based and shares developmentally appropriate information with children. You can learn more about what 3R’s identifies as “the right info at the right time” by visiting www.advocatesforyouth.org/issue/growth-and-development.

In accordance with the School Safety Act of 2018, please see the attached chart to view the mandatory modules within the 3R’s unit listed by grade level. As the modules are mandatory under the law, you may not opt your child out of these lessons.

If you do not want your child to participate in the non-mandated units of the 3Rs, please fill out the form at the bottom of the attached letter and return it to school. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school at (202) 282-0106. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

SY19-20 Meal Charge Policy

This past week, DCPS families received this notice, which details DCPS's USDA Child Nutrition Programs and Meal Charge Policy. Please review this document, and contact Laura Cochrun with any questions.

Parent Curriculum Guides Now Available

Dear Friends of Family Engagement,

We are pleased to announce that the SY2019/2020 DCPS Parent Curriculum Guides are available online.

Parent Curriculum Guides are grade-specific guides that give families the tools they need to support their child’s learning at home.

Each guide provides an overview of what DCPS students are learning in school, by subject and time of year, and how families can further learning at home.

Guides are available for families with students from Kindergarten to Eighth Grade and translated into the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Vietnamese
  • Amharic

For High School Families, the Guide to Graduation, College and Career will be released next week.

Download Your Curriculum Guides Today!

Parent University: Workshops for DCPS Families / Talleres para Familias de DCPS

We are pleased to announce the launch of DCPS Parent University! Parent University is a five-session workshop series for middle and elementary school families.

Families will learn and share strategies to support their child's academic success across five workshops:
• Communicating with Your Child's Teacher and School
• All About Feeder Patterns, Strands and Specialized Programs
• Understanding Your Child's Progress
• Building a Sense of Independence in Your Child
• Making Learning at Home Fun!

This year, we will be hosting Parent University at Brookland Middle School and Hart Middle School.

Parent University is free and open to all DCPS elementary school and middle school families.

Childcare for children ages three and older will be provided as well as snacks and Spanish Interpretation.

If you have questions, please email Taylor.Stanley@k12.dc.gov or call 202-478-1427

Sign-up today

¡Nos complace anunciar DCPS Universidad para Padres! Universidad para Padres es una serie de talleres de cinco sesiones para familias de escuelas intermedias y primarias.

Las familias aprenderán y compartirán estrategias para apoyar el éxito académico de sus hijos en estos cinco areas:

•Comunicándose con el Maestro y la Escuela de Su Hijo
•Sistemas de Transición y Programas Especializados
•Comprender el Progreso de Su Hijo
•Crear un Sentido de Independencia en Su Hijo
•¡Hacer que el Aprendizaje en Casa sea Divertido!

Habrá talleres en dos escuelas, Brookland Middle School y Hart Middle School.

Los talleres son gratis y todas familias de DCPS son invitados.

Servicios de interpretación disponibles y habrá cuidado para los niños de tres años y mayor. Habrá refrescos también. Tiene preguntas, envíe un email a Taylor.Stanley@k12.dc.gov o llame al 202-478-1427