welcome to the wonderful world of wizardry

Gandalf's side of the story

" Hi! My name is Gandalf, and i am here to talk to you about my adventure with the Dwarves and Mr. Bilbo Baggins. It was amazing but yet very dangerous, we encountered lots of dangerous stuff like the trolls named william, bert, and tom i beleive that was their names, or maybe the goblins, here is an inside secret I killed the Great Goblin and many others, one of the most gruesome things that happened on my adventure was the war between the five armies, the wargs (or wolf), and the goblins on one side, and on the other was the men, the elves, and the dwarves."

Here is one of the quotes i like

"There is more to some people then you think."

The reason i helped the little dwarves.

" The reason I helped the dwarves was to get their home land back and one of the things they wanted me to do was to find the fourteenth member so they would not have an unlucky number of people to go on their long jorney to reclaim their home land and i chose mr. bilbo baggins to go on the dangerous adventurewith them."

BY. Michelle