AP Psychology May Information

what you and your student need to know

Parent Information

May is the time in a student's life where they are super excited about summer. With that being said it is also a time where they are DONE with any and all work. Your kids worked hard to prepare for the AP exam and there are a few things that need to be followed in order for the year to end without frustration. I have given your children all these items but felt that the parents also needed to see my plan and expectations.

Lesson Plan Calendar

After the exam is a time where I get to do extension activities that are enjoyable and relate psychology to real life. This is the time where I get to teach information that your kids will get excited about and bring home to discuss. Each activity that we do will involve a graded assignment. I have instructed your student that if they are out of school taking an exam they are excused from the assignment BUT they might want to complete it if their grade is borderline. These activities are meant to hold the students accountable for school and provide assessments that are not test based. There are not many grades in 4th quarter and this will allow struggling students to be successful in a way that optimizes their talents.

May Calendar

Week 1 (May 2-6)

Take the AP exam, Watch Inside Out film and apply psychology concepts, Break down AP exam essays (FRQ), Friday most students will be gone at the AP US History exam

Week 2 (May 9-13)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Lab (stats), Children's book analysis of stereotypes and development, disorders work through speed dating, Film analysis of development and social psychology as seen through Mean Girls.

Week 3 (May 16-20)

Personality Masks, Zombie game, Film analysis of the true story of John Nash (A Beautiful Mind)

Week 4 (May 23-27)

Seniors are testing and we wrap up loose ends.

Progress Reports

I will distribute official and up to date progress reports on Monday, May 9. Included in this I will provide information on the progress report of times to make up assignments, retake tests, and makeup excessive absence times. Please note that I am asking for a parent to sign the progress report.


Many students are under the impression that once AP testing is completed that they are not required to be in class. I would like all parents to know that this is NOT true. Students who are excessively absent from class will need to make up time. If the time is not made up or they reach the limit (I think it is 13 days) then it could result in a failing grade. I wanted to mention it in case you have a child that is telling you otherwise.