Turnt Driver Crashes

2 people passed out and 1 injured but the driver lives


Daniel Brennan, Tom's older brother by 20 months starts a fight at the party. Daniel is drunk and his dark moods known by all cause him to accuse his cousin Fin, of trying to steal his girlfriend. Fin, younger by two weeks has lived in Daniel's shadow yet worshipped and trusted him all his life.

What happened after accident ?

That night, Daniel's rage extends to behind the wheel and they are involved in a car accident. Fin suffers irreversible spinal injuries. The other two passengers, teenagers from their town, are killed.

What Happened to the Driver?

Daniel is sent to jail and the Brennan's leave town. They move to Tom's Grandmother's in Coghill - an old house whose dark walls are covered in Patron Saints. And here Tom's strange new life begins.
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