September Incentive

There's still time to enter!

Don't forget that the deadline for entries into my team contest is approaching next Wednesday! But don't worry, even if you only placed a 100pv order or gave someone a sample, you can still enter!

Not only can you enter my contest, but you're also eligible to enter MaryBeth's contest as well!

Click on "September Contest" below and print the checklist.

Every activity equals an entry.

Complete all to enter a drawing for a petal diffuser!

Drawings will be held for deep blue rub, lemongrass, and cinnamon!

Entries must be completed by midnight September 30th. Take a picture of your checklist and send it to me to be tallied. Also send it to MaryBeth to enter her contest!

You may send it to me via text (number provided at the bottom) or Facebook messenger.

Winners will be announced by October 3rd!