Fair Use of Using Online Images

By: Mo Gannon and Erin Kim

Fair Use

Fair Use is when you have the right to use and share someone else's work that is copyrighted. It allows limited use of that material.

Fair Use of Online Pictures

The Fair Use of using online pictures allows you to use free images, but only on certain websites. You still give attribution to the creator of the work, but you can use the pictures freely. Google images is not an example of Fair Use because some of the pictures are copyrighted. Some websites that you can use is down below.

Exceptions of Copyright

You are allowed to use copyright when you use Public Domain or have a Creative Commons License. Public Domain is information that is open to the public and is free for anyone to use. Creative Commons License is when you have the license to use, share, and build upon a creator's works. With the use of Public Domain and Creative Commons License, you will not be charged with plagiarism or any federal crime.

Some websites to pictures without copyrighting