Rebuilding together

Yesterday was the past and tomorrow is the future

The past years......

  1. “In the past 17 years, Rebuilding Together Greater Bismarck/Mandan, a nonprofit, community based organization, has become one of the leading volunteer organizations in the Capital City. The organization is dedicated to helping low-income homeowners in Bismarck and Mandan, North Dakota live in warmth, safety and independence. The program embraces people of all faiths, all walks of life, all racial and ethnic groups, all ages and all sexes. It is not affiliated with any particular church or religion. Serving low-income homeowners, especially the elderly, people with disabilities, and families with children, Rebuilding Together works in partnership with local corporations; foundations and civic, educational, religious, and community organizations to “rebuild” houses and communities.”

Work ethic

  1. More than 4,000 local volunteers have came together to renovate more than 142 homes in the Bisman community, all of the workers are volunteers. 2. Jacob Wilke and Alessandro Pippia.They have successfully rebuilt and renovated over 142 homes and they have more than enough people willing to volunteer, more than 4,000 have come and participate in the acts of kindness.

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  1. Board members:President: Mark Giese, Vice President: Kirby Evanger, Second Vice President: Caroline Ternes, Secretary: Charity Fix, Treasurer: Stephanie Honeyman.

  2. Nonprofit Organization

    1. Wells Fargo Bank

    2. Volunteers

    3. $800,000 in kind contributions and gifts.

    4. No sell trends.

    5. No products just home repairing.

    6. none

    7. Rebuilding Together’s targeted customers are people who desperately need a renovation or a complete rebuild of their house, but couldn’t afford it.

    8. There are over 160 rebuilding together affiliates/locations across the United States.