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ENDING THE YEAR! 8th Count Picture Schedule and IMPORTANT Information:

Please read all of the important deadlines. If you have any questions, email us at, come into the studio, or find us on Facebook.

  • Wednesday, May 17 at the studio (schedule below)

  • Each student will receive ONE pair of recital tights that are NOT to be worn to class

  • The studio will be crowded, please be patient

  • See the attached schedule for picture times

  • Hair - left side split with pony in back. Hair straightener through the pony tail (see example of Chelsea wearing the hair style below).

  • Hair for the tiny tots can be any style as long as it is done for the photos

  • Make Up - NOT stage make up but remember that these are professional photos and a little make up with the dance clothes will add a nice touch to your photos

  • Bring all pieces of your costume (all shoes too), even if you’re not sure what they’re used for and have your dancer arrive in their first costume with a large button up shirt over top to protect their costume

  • HUGE!!! PLEASE make sure your students have the proper color/style shoes, some students have been complaining that their shoes do not fit -- black tap, pink ballet, black jazz for hip hop, white clogging shoes -- we have lots of shoes at the studio and may have something you can purchase (see Miss Bessie)

  • Arrive on time… the times are just a guideline and we wouldn’t want you to miss the group shot - the group shot will be toward the end of the time frame or earlier if all team members are there

  • All dancers are asked to be in the group photo even if they’re not going to purchase pictures

  • Each class will be getting their picture taken BUT we usually do only one shot for each “group” (i.e. ballet, tap, jazz class will usually only do one group shot because they’re in the same costume - see schedule for shoe assignment)

  • Pictures are being done by Ronda Brady Photography of Garrettsville, and she will have lots of picture package options available (group photos are not included in the packages)

  • Bring your checkbook for purchases made out to Ronda Brady Photography - there is a $25 fee for all returned checks (DO NOT make checks payable to the studio)

  • If for some reason you are unable to make pictures, please let the studio know asap

We appreciate your loyalty and having you as a part of our dance family. We are excited for recital! We sincerely hope your child has enjoyed the season and look forward to dancing with you in the future (and CANNOT WAIT until summer)!! If we have missed something in the information or something needs clarified, please do not hesitate to ask!

As always, stop in the studio for LOTS of postings on our bulletin board and see our up to date calendar on the website: If you are not currently on the parent Facebook page please see one of the teachers to help you.

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Pump It Up Party @ the Studio

Friday, May 19th, 6-8pm

8015 State Street

Garrettsville, OH

Come join us for a fun evening of dance, info, and friendship before recital!! We will have popcorn/snackies and drinks, door prizes, music, photo ops with friends and teachers, as well as learn a fun dance for the recital ending! All family is welcome (and encouraged to dance) as we celebrate yet another recital!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Studio Rehearsals

It is very important that all dancers are at their final class the week of May 29 (no classes on May 29 Memorial Day) – these will be moved to Wednesday, May 31). Each class will be going over their routines multiple times and discussing stage/backstage etiquette. Because we have a NO parent policy backstage, we want to prepare them ahead of time. With rehearsal being at the venue, this eliminates the anxiety level for the kiddos on recital day! All dancers will also be participating in the finale in some way, so last minute adjustments etc. will be made accordingly.

T-Shirt Order

T-shirts have been created by the studio. The recital shirt will have the theme and year on the front, and dancer’s name (studio roster) on the back! They are red with black and white lettering. They will be $15 each CS, CM, CL, CXL, AS, AM, AL, AXL, (2XL, 3XL add $3). Orders will be due by Sunday, May 21st (with money) and will be delivered by Friday, June 2nd at rehearsal. Please go to the following Google Form to purchase your shirts! You have the option of paying with Paypal, cash, or check (to the studio). Reserve yours by Sunday by filling out the form below!

DVD Order

DVDs preorders are on sale for $25 until Friday, May 26th then they will be $35. It will include the whole recital and a fun highlight reel of rehearsal. Please make checks payable to The 8th Count Dance Center. Order your DVD through the following link - select your payment (must be received by June 2)! Order form can be filled out below!

~TICKETS ON SALE NOW~ Recital 2017 "Broadway Bound"

Tickets are now on sale for "Broadway Bound."

They are $10.00 adults, and $7.00 kids (kids 15 and under / 2 and under no charge).

When: Saturday, June 3 @ 3:00pm (awards ceremony is at 1:30pm the same day)

Where: Iva Walker Auditorium

Doors open at 2:30pm. Invite all your friends, family, teachers :)!!

Students do not need a ticket and will not be permitted in the auditorium during the show, they will see the show during dress rehearsal.

Please follow the link to purchase and print your tickets. Tickets are only available online but if you are unable to purchase, just let us know and we will issue/print them for you.

Recital Decorating Day

Thursday, June 1st, 5-7pm

10231 Ohio 88

Garrettsville, OH

We welcome any help decorating/setting up on Wednesday, May 31st. If any teens need service hours, we will put them to work!! :)

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Dress Rehearsal is Friday, June 2 Promptly @ 5pm (doors open at 4pm)

Dress rehearsal will be held on Friday, June 2nd at JAG Middle School. Doors open at 4:00pm and rehearsal begins at 5:00pm. We will be going straight through the recital so have kids bring an ipad, book, coloring supplies, snacks etc. Dancers must be in full costume on this night. This includes all accessories, hair, and make-up. Check the recital line-up (coming soon) to see which costume to arrive in. You are welcome to video during the rehearsal as well as take pictures (as long as there is NO flash). Our videographer will be there taking video footage and we do not want to get in the way! Hair pictures are above - and we can put together a video for those that need assistance as well as a video for makeup. This will help those students that have multiple dances with pulling hair up and down. Make-up (yes, make-up – prepare dad!!) will be brown eye shadow, blush & lipstick to match skin tone, and mascara. Glitter always adds a fun sparkle too!! Make-up should be slightly darker than usual due to the lighting of the stage – please use your judgement and the staff can always help in deciding if more is needed before dancers go on stage. You will want to pack a bag with all the essentials: make-up, bobby pins, safety pins, brush/comb, wipes, water, dry light snacks like apples, pretzels, crackers (no oreos ☺), color book, etc. We also encouraged kids to bring their inhalers if they know how to administer themselves. One last tip… LABEL ALL of your dancer’s shoes, costume pieces, water bottles, bags etc. This makes it easier for you and easier for us when your dancer leaves his/her things behind! ☺

Awards Ceremony - Saturday, June 3 @ 1:30pm (doors open at 1pm)

This will be our 3rd awards ceremony and will take place before recital. It will begin at 1:30pm (doors open at 1:00pm). Students are to arrive with their hair and makeup ready for recital and in dress attire (good second use of father-daughter dance or Easter dresses). Dancers will receive special 5-year awards, group recognition, as well as other special awards. Some of the special awards may be reserved for the show. All dancers should be in attendance. The bottom half of the auditorium will be reserved for the dancers during this ceremony and there will be a special section reserved for parents. We will clear the auditorium before the 3 o’clock show begins. You will not need a ticket for this portion! You may use flash photography and video at this ceremony BUT NOT at the show. Please remind guests of these rules.

When you arrive to the awards ceremony, you will check your dancer in at the welcome table. You will also receive a wristband. Only those parents with a wristband will be allowed past the welcome table. You may then take your dancer’s things to the dressing room and proceed to the auditorium. These wristbands will also be used to release your child after the show. Whoever signs the child in must pick the child up.


Our performance will be held on Saturday, June 3rd at 3:00pm, doors will open at 2:30pm. Refreshments will also be available for purchase. Photography and videotaping are NOT ALLOWED at the request of 8th Count Staff and the videographer!! If caught, you or your guests will be asked to leave. The recital is being videoed and you can purchase a copy for $25 presale, $35 after. See the order form!

Remember that only those with wristbands will be allowed to enter the dressing room and that dad’s that have a wristband should refrain from going in girl’s dressing room as we have a lot of costume changes happening.

In previous years we had a problem with parents exiting the auditorium doors that lead to the courtyard or cafeteria to smoke. Please do not do this. The light from the door affects the video and weather permitting, students play there.

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~ May 17 Recital Pictures

~ May 19 Recital Pump It Up Party

~ May 22-27 Spirit Week TBA

~ May 29 Memorial Day NO DANCE

~ May 31 Monday Classes dance!

~ June 2 Recital Dress Rehearsal 5:00pm

~ June 3 Awards Ceremony at 1:30pm

~ June 3 Recital at the Iva Walker Auditorium at 3:00pm (Garrettsville Middle School)