Tech Tuesday Moved To Thursday!

Just this one time!

Tech Tuesday will be on Thursday, November 1 instead

Come learn about how to add incredibly awesome apps to your Google Chrome browser! It's not just for school- you can do this at home!

For School:

  • Scootpad
  • MeeGenius Children's Books
  • MindMeister Mind Mapping
  • Digital Clock
  • Google Apps
  • and more!

For yourself:

  • Pandora/Spotify
  • Photo Editing
  • Lose It! (I'm not trying to imply anything here!!)
  • Weather Channel
  • and way, way more!


3:20-3:30 Intro to Chrome Web Store

3:30-3:45 Selected App Demonstrations

3:45-4:00 Go Shopping for Apps

4:00 All finished!