Graces Flyer


I think this school is wonderful and I love watching the players play Quidditch! And they always have great food in the great hall for breakfast, lunch and dinner! We have lots of cool adventures on all of the classes but they do give a lot of homework and you have to study a lot but it is still fun there.


l and all the great experiences I have had here I have learned so much this past year and all of it Ina so fun and exciting!! And all the teachers are so nice and all the classes are so fun!!

Location in the school

The first location is the Quidditch Field, that is were the teams go against each other and play an exciting game to see who will win it leaves you on the edge of your seat. One of the more exciting events was the youngest seeker at Hogwarts ever is Harry Potter not only is he the youngest he was able to catch the golden snitch and you will be able to see all of this at Hogwarts

The other location in the school

You will be sorted into a group Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and last but not least Slytherin they each have a common room for example the Gryffindor common room full of armchairs and a nice fire place so all of you can enjoy studying

Classes in Hogwarts

One of the classes you will be taking is poisons with professor Snape here you will learn how to bottle fame, drew glory, bewitch the mind, even stop death. And a little bit about Snape is he doesn't like wand waving and goofing off you are there to learn not to play

Another class at Hogwarts

You can also take charms with professor Flitwick you will learn how to make a feather float in the air and much more! A little about professor Flickwick is he is very short and always stands on a tall stack of books

The End

Well that was a little dit about Hogwarts hope to see you soon!!!!!