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October 2020

Falling Back into School

It’s the time of year where the leaves fall in a swirl of autumn colors. September has shifted into October, now autumn is taking place. School has returned with a fresh start and it’s time to stop dreaming away in bed and start packing your books. Or do we?

Since Covid19 has started we all must, for our own safety, stay home. If we do go out in public we MUST wear a mask. Online school isn’t that bad. As a matter of fact, it’s fantastic for some people. Online class lets students that need to stay home, or that are sick, still be included in class. What about halloween for school though?

Since October is here, the houses are now going to be decorated and pumpkins are being carved, but other famous Halloween activities are now canceled. For example, the bobbing for apples, donut on a string, trick or treating, haunted houses, and carnivals are out of the question.

However some school activities can still go on. For example, insead of the classroom trick or treating at Mountain Oaks, we could just do trunk or treating while social distancing. It would make it a lot easier and safer.

By: Elizabeth Montplaisir

Halloween During Covid-19

Are you sad about Halloween getting canceled? Well, good news, it’s not! Some local businesses will be hosting a safe Halloween event. I also have found some things you can do at home for fun!

Better Together Fitness

When: October 30th, 6:00-8:00 P.M

Where: Better Together Fitness Center, San Andreas

What: Haunted house for all ages (scary and non scary options available). 2-3 people go in at a time to help with social distancing. Hand sanitizer available.

Downtown Jackson

When: October 29-31, 12-5:00 P.M

Where: Downtown Jackson Mainstreet

What: Treat or Treating available all three days to allow for smaller crowds. Finale will be a drive thru parade Saturday 5:30-6:30 P.M. Goodie bags will be given out at the end. Dress up you and/or your car! Hosted by Lions Club. Balloons will show what stores that are a part of the event.

Railroad Flat

When: October 30th, 4:30-6 food, 4:30-7 Trunk or Treating

Where: Railroad Flat Town Hall

What: Come grab some dinner and go Trunk or Treating!

With all that has been going on maybe you want to stay home and stay safe. Well good news for you! I have a few ideas that you could still have fun at home or hey, you could go crazy and do both!

  • Place bowls of candy in key places. ( garage, chicken coop, front door, back door, ect) and trick or treat them

  • Watch a scary movie or play family games such as pumpkin bowling, mummy wrap (wrap one of your friends in toilet paper and race to unwrap them.) You can also go to pinterest and just get creative.

  • Do some fall or halloween arts and crafts. Maybe a theme like how the school office did Harry Potter!

  • Make a halloween veggie tray and just hang out and enjoy time with each other

By Adrien Wood


Online Learning Just Got Virtually Easier

Welcome to the 20/21 school year! Summer is over! Get up, get dressed and head to sch… oh wait a sec! This year we are all virtual! Does that mean that you get to sleep in and wear pajamas all day? NO WAY! You need to start this year out strong and I am going to give you some advice on how.

The most important thing is starting a good routine. Having a good routine can help you stay organized and stay on top of your work. Trying to find your work in a google classroom can be tricky. Instead of going to stream you should instead head to classwork, stream gets messy and you can’t tell where to find your work. In classwork, it is kept neat and you can find your work quite easily.

Secondly, make sure that you are prepared for your class. Do your homework and reading before class. Check your gmail and assignments every day. Looking over your assignments and planning how to get it done throughout the week is better than waiting till the last minute.

Third, make sure you keep in touch with your workshop teacher and your mentor teacher. It is important to always stay updated on classes and what is happening at school. Teachers are there to help you but they need to know how. Turning in your assignments, taking your iReady tests and talking to your teacher on a regular basis will help them know how to help you.

So now that I gave you some words of advice, you can be a strong and successful online student. I hope you have a happy online school year!

By Cecilia O'Geen


Go, Fight, Win GO Eagles

Have you wondered what happened to our sports at Mountain Oaks? We have lost our school sports teams this year because not enough people signed up for them. If you want to bring ‘em back here’s how you can help:

  • Sign up

  • Encourage others to join

  • Spread the word

Here are the sports that could be available at Mountain Oaks:

  • Basketball

  • Soccer

  • Volleyball

  • Softball

  • Cross country

  • Golf

  • Baseball

It would be wonderful if we had a sports team because kids could socialize with others and have some physical activity. You all could make new friends, and it would be really fun.

Per Mrs. Samantha Hamilton we will have a Volleyball team in December, if there is enough interest. Come on friends, let's get together for volleyball! Together we will bring sports back to Mountain Oaks! Go Eagles!!

By: Kayli DeVusser


Movie Review: A Whisker Away

A Whisker Away is a Netflix original anime film. In A Whisker Away, a girl named Miyo borrows a mask from a mask seller that is a cat. Miyo uses the mask to turn into a cat to get her crush's attention! A while after putting on the mask and taking it off, she has trouble turning back into a human. My favorite character from the movie is Kento.

At first, this movie was only in Japanese, but then Netflix translated it into English. This kind of anime is good for people who are familiar with anime, but it is also good for people new to anime. I give it a 5 ***** rating. This movie is a must-watch! If you watch it, you won’t regret it.

Age Rating: PG

Distributed by Netflix

Written by Tammus Johnson-McCartney

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