St. Stan Star

April 18, 2018

From the Principal's desk

Be strong and take heart, all who hope in the Lord. Psalm 31:25

Finally! Spring weather has arrived.

Midquarter Progress Reports are being sent home today with students in Grades 3-8. It is hard to believe that the current school year will conclude in just four weeks.

This is such a delightful time of the school year. During weeks ahead many students will be taking field trips to accent the curriculum. Sketch Day is next week for the ten students who have been selected for their art abilities. Grandparents Day is scheduled for Friday, April 27th beginning with Mass at 8:00 in church. A reception and program will follow Mass in the school gym. The events will conclude at 10:00 a.m. Please let grandparents know about this event.

As the year begins to wind down, I reflect on the learning accomplishments of our students. They have learned much about their faith and the academic areas. In addition, they have grown in body and spirit. On the last day of school, May 16, the school will have a Celebration of Hope to review major accomplishments of each grade level throughout the year. In addition, there will be a brief commissioning service for each grade to promote them to the next grade level. This celebration will replace the traditional Awards Assembly. The day will begin with Mass at 8:00 and then move into the gym for this celebration. Parents are invited to attend this new end of the year format and come celebrate hope. Dismissal for the day will be at 11:00 (or sooner if the program concludes earlier). Buses will run at 11:00 since this is the dismissal time for Blair Oaks as well.

Thank you for speaking positively about our school out in the community. There is no better PR than to have satisfied parents talking about their school. In the past few weeks, new families have inquired about enrolling their children in our school. I always ask, “How do you know about our school?” In most cases they “heard” we have a great school from someone who has children attending here. This is a great way to evangelize the Good News of Jesus Christ. Thank you! Keep up the good work.

NCEA has developed a series of flyers for families to assist schools with marketing and enrollment management, and also to give families some national perspective on Catholic schools. Each month, member schools will receive an electronic flyer that they may choose to use in their communications with families.


The objectives of this series are:

· To educate families on the benefits of a Catholic school education;

· To prepare families to build enrollment by witnessing to other families;

· To inform and educate families about parental choice.

Truly, we are blessed in this community to have supportive parents, committed teachers and a visible pastor; all working together to build up the kingdom of God right here in Wardsville. Thank you!

May you find the HOPE of the resurrected Jesus!

Calendar of Events

Wednesday, April 18

Mid-quarters go home

Thursday, April 19

8:00am Mass 4th grade

Friday, April 20

9:30am K and 2nd Field Trip

Sunday, April 22

Walk for Life

Tuesday, April 24

Sketch Day

Wednesday, April 25

8:00am Mass 3rd grade

Information/Homework Shelf

  • News Tribune Community Connection Summer Edition 2018
  • Reading Buddies Volunteer Application

  • NCEA Parent News

School Board Update

The Board recommended that the school have a mandatory meeting for all parents who participate in sports before next season. It is important to communicate that help is needed to run the home games and that each parent make some commitment to the sports program.

The Board has commissioned the Home and School Association to create a “School Store” which would include: a stock of new logo shirts from Land’s End, resale of good used items; spirit wear; and promotional items such as stickers, yard signs, etc. Home and School has enthusiastically embraced this idea. Startup money will come from profits of the Scrip program. The search for a “home” for the store is being reviewed. Many of the details are being worked out, but hopefully the store will be up and running sometime this summer.

The School Board has created an Early Childhood Committee which will function somewhat like a board for the policy and management of the Early Childhood Program. Board members are: Sara Weeks, Crystal Miller, Jodi Berendzen, and Allison Boggs. Jodi, who also serves on the school board will be the liaison between the two entities.

Lands' End

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When: Sunday April 22
Time: Following 10:30 a.m. Mass
Pledge forms can be found at the back of Church or in the School office.
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