the RAH

March 4 - 8, 2019

from Mike & J

It's MARCH! Yay! Thanks for continuing to model, support and lead! A few things for you to be aware of:

Don't Meth With Us

Brad Brummel sent an email your way that had a brief Don't Meth With Us program survey (link found here). He also sent a survey to 5th grade teachers and counselors. I recognize you may have shared feedback in the past with little changes to the program. We believe we are in a position to have greater influence for needed changes, but need your honest feedback. Please participate AND encourage your 5th grade teachers and counselors to take that survey as well.

Legal Requests

Just a reminder as you receive any requests for information from parents and their lawyers who are handling domestic disputes, only records information such as grades, attendance, and discipline are appropriate to be shared for these purposes. Any further requests, including subpoenas, would have to be received through Ann White and the Records Office.

Momo Challenge Update

You may have received parent calls in regards to recent news about reports of inappropriate videos being embedded in YouTube videos intended for children. These reports are unsubstantiated but in the name of being vigilant, here is a link to a reference sheet PDF that gives more information about this reported issue. We are not going to send anything out as a district given the recent KY3 news item suggesting it is most likely a hoax, but the previously linked PDF can be shared directly with a parent via email or in person if they have questions or concerns. Do not send this sheet home with students.

MAP Released Items

This past week you received an email from Catherine Castillo (on Feb 25) concerning Math MAP Released Items and Bridges Intervention Models for practice. Please be strategic in using these items to increase the the achievement capacity of students at the assessment grades.

"Schools where students who practice MAP Released Items perform better than students who do not." - Captain Obvious.

How to Help Your Kid Deal With Social Rejection

“’re there to support them through the hard stuff, not resolve every last conflict for them.”

Linda Luke Award

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2019 Linda Luke Award which honors an SPS librarian (or high school librarian team) who makes an outstanding, positive impact on students. For more information about the Linda Luke Award and the nomination form, please visit the Foundation for SPS’s website at this link:

SLT, followed by Elementary Leadership Team

Wednesday, March 6th, 8:30am

1359 East Saint Louis Street

Springfield, MO

from Information Technology

The IT department works with librarians to manage Kajeets. Each month a list of Kajeets with low usage are provided so librarians can contact students to return the hotspot. We continue to monitor usage and find that a large number of Kajeets are still on the low usage report. Beginning with the March report the IT department will include you so you can connect with your librarian on the return of the Kajeet and to also provide us feedback as to why there is low usage.

Malori McGhee Memorial Award

Nominations are being accepted for the Malori McGhee Memorial Award. This "Rookie of the Year" will be awarded at the Annual Teachers’ Banquet to a first year teacher who is amazing, exemplary, and rock-star status. Please note: this award is not sponsored by the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools Teacher Banquet; it is simply presented as part of the evening celebrations.

If you have a first year teacher you wish to nominate, please complete the nomination form by clicking here. Nominations will be accepted through March 22.