Gianni Versace

Fashion Designer

Backround: How did he come to be a designer?

He learned from his mother who owned her own dressmaking business. He worked for her after high school. In 1972 he began freelance designing for Italian labels such as Genny, Callaghan, and Complice.


When was his debut?

-In 1978 he launched his own Ready-to-Wear collection for women.

-In 1989 he debuted his first couture collection

-He then added 2 collection called Versus and Instante in the 90s

Interestings Facts

-Designed for Madonna, Princess Diana, Elton John, and Tina Turner

-Credited for creating the supermodel by agreeing to pay high sums to Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and others.

-He was shot in 1997 outside the Versace mansion.

-Sister Donatella Versace took over when he died.