All sorts of things are coming up.....

2016 Promises Many Ways to Share Jesus!!!!

Ahhhhhh, yes. Let us count the ways! This newsletter will try to outline some of the major items coming up.......Look at them all, one (or more) may be just what your heart is seeking!
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Oh Yes! Here it comes! A competition between the experts! Many previous years winners (experts) are out to recapture the title, but can they? It won't be easy, there are many great chili chefs in our family, so it's fair game for anyone.

What does the chili cook-off look like? A lineup of crock pots filled with delicious variations of the tasty entree surrounded by piping hot baked potatoes, crackers, salad, and desserts served with some nice cold tea or lemonade. Yum! It also has a panel of judges taste-testing them all to determine "The Judges" favorite winner and a separate bowl/cup next to each pot which will hold YOUR votes for "The Popular" favorite. Just purchase your voting tickets from the teen near the door ($1/vote) and place the tickets into the bowl/cup that is your favorite. Of course, if you run out of tickets, you can always just put cash in the bowl.

Winning is a big deal! Not only do you get to secure the Chili trophy for a year and utilize all the bragging rights that come with it, but you will also get another spectacular prize. Some previous prizes have been a gift card to Chili's (where else???), a custom made apron, and a one-of-a-kind t-shirt. Who knows what it might be, but it will be yours to show off if you win.

The competition is fun, the food is fantastic, the fellowship can not be matched and the money that is collected goes to help the Ground Zero teen group get to BigStuf camp this summer.

Get your chili on and join us!!!!

And then........

On the SAME DAY as the chili cook-off, there will be a sound tech workshop and training session in the main building. Grace Life needs more sound technicians and I.T. support. If you have some experience with any of that - or if you don't - you are invited and encouraged to come in and become a part of this team. The sound team is the silent, invisible part of the worship team that is only known when something goes wrong. That is not very often and we LOVE our sound team!!!

The session will start following lunch at the Chili Cook-off so come on over!

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NEXT..........Teen Retreat..........

It is time for all teens who want to, to seize the opportunity and get out of town during Winter Break from school. We are planning on going to Cloudland Canyon State Park from Feb. 15 - 17 to use that time to enjoy the break with games, movies, scavenger hunts, hiking, etc.

We plan to have many opportunities for Jesus to share His love for them as they continue to be a tight knit group. We encourage everyone to invite a teen to join us. The cost is $30/teen for the 3 days and will cover pretty much everything.

You can find more information at

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It's not just a trip. It's a Life changer.

Maybe you knew and maybe you didn't, but Laurie Troublefield has had a heart and a mission for the pastors of Bulgaria for many years. She has gone over there per their request to share more and more about the extravagant Grace of God......Jesus. And they become more and more alive each and every time she goes and are always eager for the next time that they will be able to hear more. Peter and Anelia Kirchev are the lead pastors of the team in Bulgaria and spent time on a Ride right here in Woodstock so that they know what it's all about.

Many others from Grace Life have been to Bulgaria to help her and the pastors there. Woody, Donna and Retha also love the country and the people. After all the previous trips, it seems apparent that there is a group of people there who are now ready to start their own version of "The Ride". How exciting is that!?!?!!?!? A discipleship making idea that was started at Grace Life has ventured out from Woodstock, GA to Michigan, Barbados and now Bulgaria! Must be God.

But let's not send them out on their own! Each and every one of us can be an integral part of this journey. Here is what would be cool - if we could start a relationship with the whole Bulgaria project team - on our side of the world and theirs. To get to know their faces and their names and their families and their hearts. To ask Jesus to reveal to us who they are and what they need and make our location of saints connect with their location of saints. Are you interested??

The Bulgaria project launches in April. It will mean the Grace Life Bulgaria team (Laurie, Bob and Retha) will LIVE there for four months with these thirsty saints. They will need airfare, lodging, maybe a vehicle plus other incidentals (like food). The Bulgarians can not afford to provide all of these things. After doing the math, it appears that around $10,000 will be needed for this to be a successful outreach for our team. If you can help with these expenses there will be so many people who will benefit from your gift. You can send a check to Grace Connections at P. O. Box 1111. Woodstock, GA 30188 and please add note that it is for the Bulgaria Project. If you would rather, you can go to paypal and make a donation by paying into the Grace Connections paypal account with their email address: Once again, please note that it is for Bulgaria.

We can't wait to see how the Love of Jesus affects these people. Bulgaria does not have a very large understanding or teaching of this Amazing Grace and we are honored to be a part of it. What a gift!

Anything else?

There is much more ahead with Grace Life but we will let it rest for now. Please enter in to any and all things. The Life of Grace Life is you and we are so glad that you are all a part of this family.