Nathan's Literature Flyer

May 20th 2016 English 7

Six Types of Folk Literature

Fables- brief stories with animal characters that have a stated moral at the end.

Folk Tales- a story that has been pasted down for many generations or was around for a long time they are usually like fairy tales.

Epics- long narrative about a serious subject containing a lot of detail about story.

Myths- tales that are fake, usually involving fake gods, might take place in greek times.

Tall Tales- focus on a central belief or event

Legends- stories based on real-life events and become larger than life as they are told and that are retold to others

(Fable) The Lion and the Mouse

"Doing one kind thing will back to you in a wonderful way" - Unknown

It is part of Aesop's Fables and the moral for the story is that little friends may prove great friends.

(Myth) Adventures of Perseus

The gods and men were sent out to hunt down a a monster named medusa, she was a creature of snakes. Her hair was made out of snakes. One year Perseus killed the beast without looking into her eyes, it could turn you to stone. He defeated her, and carried her head in a bag back home.

(Legend) Samurai Tears

Kids and adults would run when seeing him, they knew he was the last samurai, but him being a killing machine did not help anyone, he was sad for what he does, and wishes he could be normal.

By: John Lawless

The Gorilla and the Mouse (Advertisement)

The Gorilla a big tall bully wanting more and more with his life, pushing around the small creatures of the jungle such as mouse. He likes being mean to mouse because mouse turn his head and look away....

The Adventure of Perseus - A myth

Perseus & Medusa, The Story of

3 Things I learned about Confucianism and Taoism

1. The are opposites, they both involve rituals.

2. They can pass down myths or fables from their ancestors .

3. Confucianism is about family members and setting good examples. Taoism is about living in peace where they have a concept of the ying and yang.

The Parable of the Talents

Parables of Jesus: The Parable of the Talents

(My Fabel) The Gorilla and The Mouse

The Gorilla and the Mouse

Once upon a time there was a big strong Gorilla and a very small mouse. The Gorilla was a big mean bully to the small mouse.

The mouse felt that the big creature was lonely or jealous of him. The mouse had some supporting friends, but the Gorilla, his friends were more rough and tuff and always-saying rude things to others. The Gorilla, wanting to feel better, thought that saying things to others such as mouse that were mean would make him feel better. First few weeks Gorilla said, “Weakling.” But After a few more weeks he wanting to feel more powerful so he said, “Come over here and fight me.” He wanting to prove his strength to his friends, but one-day mouse made a plan. He thought that the only way to stop the big mean Gorilla was to beat him in something. So the next day or so when Gorilla came up to mouse, mouse said, “No more jokes Gorilla, I challenge you to a race.” “To Where,” said Gorilla. “The end of the woods, “said mouse. The Gorilla took the deal thinking he was all mighty and fast through the trees. But he overestimated the mouse; the mouse was the fastest at school and knew out to distract big creatures. They took off through the woods, mouse on ground and Gorilla in trees, when smart little mouse ran into the woods an opposite direction. Confusing the Gorilla, he stopped and mouse went to a wide part of the woods and ended up winning with sportsmanship. The Gorilla hated mouse for what he did but times pasted and he understood why mouse was nice to him at the end. The moral of this story is don’t be a bully and try to help others instead.