Save The Sea Turtles

By: Chloe Sell

Essential Question

What is the best way to raise money and awareness for Sea Turtle Conservancy?

What Will Happen If Sea Turtles Become Extinct?


Sea turtle populations are declining.



In many countries sea turtle eggs are delicacies, and sea turtle shells are used to make jewelry and decorations.

Destruction of nesting habitat:

When buildings are built on beaches, or on the coast, the ecosystem is harmed and the beach becomes unhealthy. Sea turtles can no longer nest on those beaches.

Boat Propellers:

When boat drivers do not turn off their engine propellers in sea turtle water, the propellers can cut right through the sea turtle shells.


Sea turtles can confuse pollution with food and get stuck or strangled by the garbage, they are not able to surface for air.

Poor fishing practices:

Sea turtles can get caught on fishing hooks or stuck in fishing nets.

If Sea Turtles Become Extinct...

Sea Grass

Sea turtles are one of the very few animals to eat sea grass. If seagrass beds are unhealthy the animals that depend on it and that we depend on will lose their habitat.


Many coastal cities source of income relies on sea turtles nesting and coming on their beaches. If sea turtles become extinct, these cities will lose their largest source of income.

Sand Dunes

Unhatched nests and eggs are very good sources of nutrients for the dune vegetation. If sea turtles become extinct, beaches will erode and become unhealthy ecosystems.

Jellyfish overgrowth

If sea turtles die out, jellyfish will overpopulate and make lots of water very unsafe.

Protective Progression

Finding nests to protect the eggs

is effective because keeps humans and animals from disturbing the nest

Protected areas/ national parks

are effective because keeps the remaining sea turtles relatively undisturbed

Coastal sea turtle hospitals

are effective because hurt sea turtles can be nursed quickly and returned to the sea


is effective because coastal residents and visitors are taught to turn outside lights off as to not disturb the sea turtles

Protective laws

in many countries not effective because the laws are not strongly, or not at all, enforced as poaching still continues

What YOU Can Do

In The Midwest

  • Donate
  • Reduce the amount of chemicals that wash into the ocean
  • Pick up trash and litter

On The Beach

  • Don’t disturb nests
  • Clean the beach
  • Volunteer
  • as well as everything listed above