Go Math Update for Teachers

May 2016

Updates on HMH "Issues"

Text to Speech Work Around-click here for the video

NOTE: This is a work-around and uses a free Google Chrome App, so it may not be 100% reliable. However, I have had luck when I have tested it out. As of the 2016-2017 school year, K-2 will all have built in text to speech!

Re-open an expired test

You can now re-open expired tests for students who did not take the test yet. Just click on the re-open button (click on the assignments link and then find the assessment)
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Geometry Issues in 4th-6th grades

We have noticed a few issues with things like the definition of a trapezoid and the area/perimeter formulas. Here is a summary of what we've found. Please let us know if you have questions as it is a lot of information!

Editing Student Points on a Test

This allows teachers to give points back to students on a specific question if there was any sort of issue with that question.

Other Updates

  1. The Math on the Spot videos are now closed captioned from K-5th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade. We have tickets in for 6th, and AGA.
  2. HMH has given us a deadline of August 2016 to be completed with the PMT error correction process K-6. They have told us that 6-12 is completed in My HRW, so if you do find errors, please let us know.
  3. HMH has given us a deadline of August 2016 to have the adaptive features working correctly.
  4. We have been submitting many feature requests to HMH for things like the Equation Editor, etc. We hope many of these will be resolved over the summer. If you'd like the status of a feature request you submitted to Carrie, just let us know!