No Worksheet Holiday!

No Worksheet Holiday!

Thursday, Oct. 30th, 7:45am-3:15pm

706 Hickman Ave

Fulton, MO

McIntire Elementary School will be celebrating our first No Worksheet Holiday on Thursday, October 30th. We are so excited to showcase a day of creative thinking and excitement! Students and staff are encouraged to dress up to showcase their creativity! We will have a Parade of Creativity beginning at 8:15 in the hallways for those wishing to participate in the contest. Make sure to be here on time because you won't want to miss a single minute of this AMAZING day!
8:15: Parade of Creativity

9:30: All School Online Read Aloud

Afternoon: Fall Parties

All Day Long: Awesome and Amazing activities!

Costume Contest

Creativity Contest!

Awards will be given to students and staff in the following categories:

  • Most creative original costume

  • Costume created by recycled items

  • Most resemblance to a famous person

  • Most school spirit

  • Book character coming to life

  • Mad scientist award

  • Famous historical figure

  • Sports figure

  • Rockstar award

  • Mystery Award… be revealed!

There are a few guidelines on dressing up for this day:

  1. Make sure your costume won’t interfere with learning. We have so many exciting things planned and don’t want you to miss out!. This means no masks or costumes that restrict movement or vision, prevent sitting at desks, or prevent participation in physical education class.

  2. Please be sure your costumes aren’t violent. (no blood, gore, etc.)

  3. Just like a regular school day, no weapons or props that could hurt or scare others.

  4. Students should have a change of clothes or wear a regular outfit under the costume.

Questions? Contact Mrs. Houf at 590-8000 or email
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