Foundation 1 News

Friday 4th April 2014

Week 12 In and Out Up and Down

What Did We Do This Week?

  • We listened to the story 'Up and Down'.
  • The Rubies worked together to make the parachute fly up and down; and to lift teddy up and down in a bucket on a pulley.
  • In our maths moments we were thinking about; more:less:the same.
  • Our clever hands tried weaving paper to make baskets and pictures.
  • The sound we concentrated on this week was 'a'.

Next Week - International Week - including Dutch Day on Wednesday 9th April and International Day on Thursday 10th April.

It will be a busy week thinking about the world around us and the country in which we are living at the moment. There will be two chances for the children to dress up: Wednesday wearing something orange for Dutch Day: and on Thursday in National Costume to celebrate International Week.

At snack time on Thursday we look forward to sharing the international food that you send in with your child. Please aim to provide enough for no more than 3 children - thank you.

Term Ends at 12 o'clock on Friday 11th April.

We wish you all a safe and happy Spring break and look forward to seeing you again on Wednesday 30th April.