Consumer Testing Science Project

By: Alyssa Fletcher, Kade Stratton, & Stephanie Romo

Which type of chocolate chip do people prefer: Hershey's or Nestle?


If the chocolate chip is made by Nestle, then it will be sweeter. If the chip is sweeter, then more people will prefer Nestle.

What Are We Measuring?

The amount of sugar in each brand is being compared.


  • Independent- The brand of chocolate chip
  • Dependent- Which chip people end up preferring
  • Constant- Milk chocolate & only one chip per person


  • People ended up eating the Nestle chocolate chips first every time.
  • The Hershey's chip was a tiny bit darker than the Nestle chip.
  • More girls preferred Nestle before they tried it, while most boys preferred Hershey's before.
  • A few of the people transitioned quickly with eating the chocolate chips, while others cleansed their palate by drinking water in-between.
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More people prefer to have Nestle over Hershey's. This is because Nestle has a greater amount of sugar in it. People tend to prefer sweetness or bitterness, so this was pretty obvious which brand would win.


There are no "errors", but people can have different opinions and can think something tastes different from another person. We only conducted the experiment on 15 people, so obviously if we increased the range of people the results could have been different. All in all, it's just a probability.

We weren't really surprised by any of the data because we thought that Nestle would win due to it being sweeter.