Kolton Baldwin

Overview of Holocaust

The Holocaust was led by the ruler named Adolf Hitler that had in the end killed millions and millions of innocent people for the simple fact that they were not to Hitler's likings. The Holocaust started in 1933 and eventually ended in 1945, those 12 years were very horrible times to people other then the Nazi party. Hitler even killed his own kind if they were mental, handicapped, or if they did not believe in what he was doing was right. The Jews were the most mistreated out of all the others that were mistreated because Hitler especially did not like them for some odd reason.

Definition/Background Information

Definition-The swastika is a ancient symbol that is often referred to as a sign of evil and hatred, the symbol is in the form of a cross with the sides bent down at the sides usually all bent sides going to the right that in ancient times were found on coins and Buddhist carvings.

The swastika was used as a sign of devotion to the Nazi party that was typically worn by the Nazi soldiers as a patch somewhere on the clothing. It is now known as a very evil symbol and was banned in some countries for a while because of the evil things that it has represented during the Holocaust. There are also a lot of hidden secrets about the swastika such as It is a very old symbol that used to be known as a symbol of peace, love, care, and all things that had to deal with peaceful and loving things. It was often used by Buddhists in the inscriptions that they had carved into things with other symbols attached to them. It was also used on coins and things of that nature but the reasoning for that is hard to come up with since there was no background information on the swastika before the Buddhists brought it to there religion, but what we do know is it is not used for the same reasoning as it was used for ancient times ago.

Original Research Question

Question- Who use the swastika symbol before it was used by the Nazi party in 1920?

Answer- The swastika was actually used by the Indians of North America and also South America before the Nazis took the symbol over.


“Ancient documents described the symbol as an ambigram—ambi meaning
“both”—signifying it was legible both ways. And although ambigrams were common in symbology—
swastikas, yin yang, Jewish stars, simple crosses—the idea that a word could be crafted into an
ambigram seemed utterly impossible.”
Dan Brown, Angels & Demons

This quote is important because it shows what the swastika used to stand for before the holocaust and it also shows what a word can stand for and how it is an ambigram.



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