Dunn's Dream Girls

We currently have 25 ladies and growing on our team!

Monthly Stats:

This month we did $7,765

Top Sellers

This months $1,000 club members are:

Bekah Walters

This months $500 club members are:

Brandy Blackburn

Amanda Warden

Casey Smith

Joanne Wills

Congrats to all you ladies on your hard work!!!

Top Dream Builder

Bekah Walters- 1

Peggy Cornelious- 1

Jessica Stacy- 1

Welcome to the team!

Please welcome the following ladies into the DreamGirls!

Audrey Henderson-OH

Cathleen Cryer-IN

Amanda Turner-OH


No promotions this month but a few of you are close!!!

Qualified Consultants

Who has qualified???

Some of you are only a few dollars away so I can wait to put your names here!!

Start Swell

Congrats to all of you who earned your start swell levels!!!

Need to know:

  • Your June Celebrate and Connect meetings are going on so please go!

  • August Celebrate and Connect meetings will be having registration for them very soon. The meetings will be held early (August 3-10) because we will all be coming back from CONFERENCE pumped about the new line and want to share it with you ASAP.
  • Conference is still an option for those of you who would like to go, you can register on site if you want to go.
  • Dream Rewards is going on so make sure you are selling and recruiting
  • I am open for monthly or weekly coaching calls so if you want help and want to grow your business lets make it happen!

About Me... Your director

Here is the scoop on me:

Joined 1-31-11

Sr. Consultant 5-31-11

Director- 3-31-12

Sr. Director-?????? hopefully in 2014!

This month:

$1,012 in sales

1 party

0 recruits

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