Disneyland(and the cold war)

by- Bradley Condon period 7

The happiest place on earth!!

Disneyland opened on July 18th, 1955 to give people a sense of "warmth" and or be able to let all there worries just disappear for the day. Disneyland was a friendly place for both children and adults. People would come across the country just to feel "warm", this is a place to be safe.

Why they did this

Many people came together and worked on a way to make people not think of the bad things that are going around in the world. In the world bad things were happening they wanted to do the opposite of it. They wanted peoples dreams come true to be able to love and forget what was happening. DIsney got together and did this for there country and now they are still here today helping people to not think about what is going on around the world. Having a break from life is good, not thinking about work or school or anything bad this helps everyone.

The Impact on the Decade

Disneyland had a HUGE impact on the cold war, people were able to "let there hair down". They were able to forget about the war, about there friends and family that are fighting for not only there lives but Americans lives. Disneyland did not just help people forget it helped people remember. There childhoods came to life, everyone loved it and no one would want to leave. Everyone knew this was a magical place.

Connection To Today and Solutions for the Future

Disneyland today effects people by believing that there is something bigger. The princesses gives little girls a sense of loving and happiness. Going on the rides at Disneyland brings things to life that you would think would never. In the future Disneyland will give that sense of safety and warmth it will once again be a place to let your hair down. If and when there is a war i believe that people will go again to Dineyland to feel safe and when that happens Disney will be ready
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