Invisible Population of the World

By: Paul R

Invisible People

There are many invisible people in the world that you probably do not notice. These Invisible people are not heard, ignored, or unseen. These people are isolated from everyone else. A majority of the invisible people are homeless. Being invisible can impact someone in many ways.

Homeless Children

NewsELA says, 1 out of 30 children are homeless. Most people think that homeless children population is smaller than it actually is, but this is a serious problem. For example in the text it states, "Many homeless children can’t get the full range of shelter services, food assistance and counseling to manage the trauma of being homeless.” - pg.1 NewsELA. This shows how they are invisible because they do not have the things that they need. Some of the time when people ask for money on the street most people just walk past them. These children are being homeless because most people try to avoid them. Another example that News ELA states is, ”They may be living place to place in some precarious situation, doubled up or living in a shelter.” - pg. 3. This is showing how they might not be on the street but they can also be homeless. Many people may not realize it, but being homeless can affect them in many ways.

Homeless Invisibility Video

In this video a person's family is dressed up as if they were homeless. Then then take one of their close family member that could recognize them, and have them walk down the street. When they walks by they do not recognize them. This shows us the scale that the homeless people are invisible because if a person's own family wouldn't even recognize him when he dressed up like a homeless man. This is a wake up call for how invisible homeless people are because if a homeless man can be ignored by his own family, which should recognize him, why would other people notice them? This show invisible homeless people truly are.
Have the Homeless Become Invisible?

The Circut

The Circuit is a story that describes how Ito the sharecropper travels from place to place farming for a little money. He is an example about how he is invisible. In the text is says, "Here comes the school bus, he whispered loudly in alarm. Instinctively me and Roberto ran and him in the vineyards"(Jimenez 70). These people run away from the school bus so they do not get noticed. If they do they will be taken away. So this is showing how they stay isolated from the world and try to have little contact as possible. Another part where he is invisible is when he keep on moving. In the text it says, "I opened our door to or shack, I saw that everything we owned was neatly packed in cardboard boxes"(Jimenez 71). This family, along with many other sharecroppers, move constantly so they do not get caught and they could be hidden. If they stay in one spot to long they may be caught. So they try to stay invisible. This is a great example of how multiple people are invisible.

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