End of Year Tech Tasks & Reminders

Prepared By Mike Glennon

If You Are Returning to Lisbon in the fall...

Please take your laptop home with you, storing it securely. Should you encounter any problems, you can contact Mike via email over the summer or you may call the HCPSS technology help desk at 410-313-7004.

If You Are Retiring or Resigning...

Sorry to see you go...Please contact Mike to begin the laptop and/or iPad return process (if you have a laptop or iPad assigned to you). You will be able to keep your device until the end of the school year; I'd simply like to get a head start on the process.

*If you do have an HCPSS-issued iPad, it will need to be reset to factory settings before it is turned in. Directions for resetting your iPad are HERE.

If You Are Transferring to a Different School in HCPSS...

Take your assigned laptop or iPad with you!
At your new location, check in with the library media specialist or technology teacher to be certain that your laptop (or iPad) location has been updated in the Central Inventory Database.

*If your iPad has been assigned by the Special Education Office, the process may be a bit different. Please contact them to verify as needed.

Laptop Carts

Laptop carts will be picked up for summer storage on the last day of school.

In advance of this, please take a moment to complete the following tasks:
  • Organize and untangle charger cables as best you can
  • Ensure that all laptops are placed in their correct slots

*Feel free to have responsible students assist you with these tasks, at your discretion.

Student Headphones & Bins

I will collect headphone bins on the last day of school.

In advance of this, please take a moment to complete the following tasks:

  • Ensure that all student headphones are placed in baggies with student name
  • Ensure that all student headphones are placed in the bin
  • Please have your bin out and ready on the last day of school, as I will stop by to collect them. If you're not in your room, I will grab the headphones unless you tell me otherwise

DVD Drives

Please store your team DVD drive in a location of your choice; these do not need to be turned in.

If you are moving to a different grade level, please pass the DVD drive to someone who will remain on the team.

Please Return Borrowed Equipment

If you have signed out tech equipment such as a camera or laptop charger, please return it to Mike prior to the last day of school.


*Please see your friendly neighborhood tech teacher with questions or concerns.



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