Atomic Bombs

By: Claire Skinner


Compare the effects of dropping an atomic bomb on Des Moines, Kansas City, and New York would have on you in Colo, IA. Consider all of the factors that may determine your fate. Provide any safety considerations that may improve your chances of survival.

New York (Little Boy bomb)

Estimated fatalities: 263,560
Estimated injuries: 512,000

It would not have any affect on us in Colo, IA

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Kansas City (Little Boy bomb)

Estimated fatalities:36,970

Estimated injuries:30,690

If the Little boy bomb in Kansas city it would also not have any affects on us but my cousins would be dead.

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Des Moines (Little Boy Bomb)

Estimated fatalities:19,380
Estimated injuries:38,670

It would not harm us.

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