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Mrs. Wallerstedt. 11/20/2020

Next Couple of Weeks

Park View Families -

We are looking forward to seeing everyone next week, Monday (11/23) and Tuesday (11/24), virtually for conferences. These meetings are always important, but especially now as we navigate hybrid and remote learning. Take a moment to look at your child's report card that is available to view today. The teachers have worked hard to prepare for conferences so please set your alarm to join the on-line meeting on time. Twenty minutes goes very quickly and the teachers must stay on schedule for each family. There is a lot of important information the teachers want and need to share with you.

The following week (11/30-12/4) is our adaptive pause when all students will learn remotely. This is to help stop any potential transmission of the virus after the holiday break. A big part of our success in hybrid learning during this pandemic is due to mitigating the chances of transmission. We know holidays pose a challenge with gatherings and hope you will keep yours as small as possible. Our campaign of Healthy=Hybrid /Spanish is also part of our mitigation efforts. Remember, our goal is to keep students and staff members healthy so we can keep in-person school going. Your role and your actions can determine our outcomes so please celebrate and enjoy this holiday with your immediate family. I wish every Park View family a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving holiday.

COVID Communications From School

When there is a positive COVID case that is discovered at Park View School, there may be several different communications families could receive. It is important to read them carefully to understand why you are receiving the communication and what you need to do. They include:

1. Classroom Letter No Need To Quarantine - This means a COVID positive case has been discovered in your child's classroom, but there is no close contact or need for quarantine.

2. Classroom Letter Close Contact Need To Quarantine - This means a COVID positive case has been discovered in your child's classroom and your child is a close contact and will need to quarantine for 14 days since the last exposure to that positive case.

3. Whole School Letter No Need To Quarantine - This is to alert parents and be transparent regarding a COVID positive case in the building, but no quarantine is necessary at this time.

**You may receive more than one letter as all families will receive the Whole School Letter and additionally families of the children in the COVID positive case classroom will receive a second letter. We encourage students to only concern themselves with their own health and habits following the 3W's and not to be concerned with discovering who may have COVID. We don't want kids to feel bad, or make someone else feel bad.

School Safety Drills

Each year our Park View Panthers participate in several safety drills. These drills are to help students feel empowered by knowing what to do when emergency situations come up. We run at least three fire drills each year, one law enforcement drill, one severe weather drill, and one bus evacuation drill with students present. Some drills have had to be done in a more virtual way this year such as the bus evacuation drill. Although I always hope we never have an emergency situation, I know that being prepared gives us better outcomes.

Our Fall Book Fair - Coming Soon To A Computer Screen Near You!!

Each year our PTA runs a Fall Book Fair. This is a time parents can purchase books as gifts for the holiday. Winter break is the perfect time to get some reading in and new books make that especially fun. The book fair this year will be run virtually due to the pandemic. Enjoy the all new interactive virtual walk through shop and don't forget to get some great books for the holiday season. Click on this link to learn how to access the books and order on-line.

Helping PV Families During the Holidays

Each year, we like to help our families around the holiday and this year is no exception. If you would like to help a family within our community we are still collecting for our "Snowflakes of Sharing" event at Park View. Families can donate Kohl's gift cards or cash and we will make sure all of our Park View students can open a gift during the holiday. Please click on this Snowflakes of Sharing flyer for details. Thank you for all you do to help our community.

DuPage County Housing Assistance Program -

Please click on this link to access the DuPage County Housing Assistance Program. This is for families that have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. You must be a DuPage County resident, meet income guidelines, and demonstrate a housing crisis as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Services offered may include: rent, association fees, security deposits, and mortgages. Click on this link for Spanish.

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