Beowulf Project

Directions, Rubric, Samples


You will complete the following by Friday, October 2nd. You must have your work ready to turn in at the beginning your class period that day. You MAY turn your work in early. You MAY NOT turn your work in late. If you are absent, you are expected to turn your work in via Google Classroom on or before the due date. Please refer to the late work policy below.

50 points Step 1: Respond to the short answer questions. You must respond using complete sentences and evidence from the text to support your answers. Each response should be around 3-5 sentences.

50 points Step 2: Choose ONE of the activities from the list and complete that activity. Each activity has it's own rubric.

How do I turn it in?

1. Complete the project before the day it is due.

2. Go to Google Classroom.

3. Click on Beowulf Project Part I. Submit your Part I responses. Be sure you hit submit!

4. Click on Beowulf Project Part II. Submit the written portion of your Part II activity. Every activity has a written portion that must be submitted. Read the requirements carefully.

5. If your Part II activity requires you to bring in something to present or turn in (like the board game, or the model) you must bring it with you to class October 2nd. If you do not have it during your class period it will be late.



Your written work must be submitted via Google Classroom. No exceptions.

If you turn your project in on Friday, October 2nd

you will be able to earn full credit (100 points).

If you turn your project in on Saturday, October 3rd

the highest grade you can earn is a 75.

If you turn your project in on Sunday, October 4th

the highest grade you can earn is a 50.

If you turn your project in on Monday, October 5th,

the highest grade you can earn is a 0 (zero).

Please take care of your business before the due date. Technology issues will not be excused. Make it work.

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