How do cats defend themselves?

They make themselves look bigger than what they really are. They hiss, growl, and some times even bat at what is scaring them with their paws to try and make them go away. They will bite, and scratch with their claws usually drawing blood as they do.

How do cats get their food?

It will stalk it's prey. Then pounce on it, if the prey is startled, it will begin running. If it does that the cat will have to run after it. The other way cats can get their food, is by, having their owners give them a bowl with cat food inside it. If the cat is a stray, it might hang around your house if you already have cats and if you feed them outside the stray may stay with the other cats and get their food that way.

What are cats hobbies?

They purr some times because they love attention and some times because they are stressed. They like to run, mostly kittens though as they have more energy that the older cats. The climb trees some times to get away from predators. The will claw furniture because they need to keep their claws worn down.