India gender imbalance "gendercide"

By: Devon Gardner

What is it?

The Genocide of a specific gender, India kills little girls because they don't want them.


  • For every 1,000 boys in India there are 914 girls
  • 50,000 women are missing from India's population.
  • One in 4 women don't live past puberty.
  • 47% of women marry before the age of 18.
  • One in 5 women in India is a victim of rape.


Sex- Slave abortion is illegal in India, laws are being passed to save lives of unborn girls who are being discriminated against because they are girls. But these laws are not enforced yet, meaning 700,000 girls are aborted every year. One girl is aborted every minute only because she is a female. Although the population is not hurting there could be many more. Women are scarce in this part of the country. There are adult women but not kids because they are frowned upon, why do you think women are frowned upon? Are they not laborious?


Infanticide is when a family kills a little girl because they are not a boy. It is 100% legal for a family to kill a little girl. When they kill the little girl they are forced to produce a "boy". With this killing little girls, why would you want to kill a baby girl? Could they put it up for adoption?

I believe they need to make it illegal to kill the baby and they should open up an adoption center for the families that can't have a baby.


Gender gap has led to human trafficking, which girls are being sold for forced marriages in states with low female to male ratios. Which are then later forced into prostitution for money. While potential women are being killed before marriage, the men force women to have sex without permission. Girls service up to 20 men in a day in a dirty brothel a long way from home.

History and current problems

On, March 4 2010 the war on gendercide began, little innocent girls will be killed. It started because women wanted to make the social society proud so they would try and produce women. When and if they produced girls they killed them because they didn't want the social society to look bad because they didn't produce a "worker".


  • India should practice making girls accepted
  • Girls should be able to work
  • Girls should be accepted into families


  • I think that over time it will get worse then after 10 years of going down someone or something will happen and it will get better.
  • Some people might keep the tradition
  • Equality will be different
  • Women wont be treated the same they may become sex slaves all time not get paid for it.

Who is Involved?





Corresponding countries

Current Impacts

Women are being killed moments after they are born, how are they supposed to have men if their is no women? While women are being trafficked as long as they still will be they just half to pay them and the male/female ratio will differ a lot, while they will still be making men and women they probably will produce more men because of "Gendercide."