Ivory Coast

The culture of Ivory Coast

The People

Ivorians are layed back, calm , humerous people. They enjoy people that can keep a conversation going , tell a good story, or have a good sense of humor. There kind of like us in the U.S or any other part in the world. The urban enjoy our type of clothing style , but they also wear traditional African dresses


Visiting is very high valued in the Ivory Coast, espically the northern area. When someone visits the host should offer water and a chair or a mat for they could sit on. On a very important visit , such as the village chief, the guest might bring a friend or a realitive of the host. At formal ceremonies in the northern area the visitor and host may exchange some " Kola nuts" as a sign of respect.


Dating is most common in cities , were families really dont take control. Men dont really marry a women until there stable themselves. Men or boys can be engaged to a girl as soon as they hit puberty, even if there older. More than often the familly of the husband dresses the up coming bride.


The health in the Ivory Coast is very poor, even if it is an emergency its too expensive for many people. Many children die after finshing breast feeding due to infected water , inadequete diet or diseases. There education isnt as bad , most boys make it through primary school, religoious high school, then to a university. Women on the other hand may drop out after primary school either just to marry into a family, or have a baby.