causes of the american revolution

proclamation of 1763

the colenests had just fought a war for the land on the other side of the mountains. people had fought and died and they were than mad cause the king had banished them from going into Ohio river valley. the costliness felt betrayed.

the stamp act of 1765

the king decided to put tax on stamps for paper.the tax could

be put on anything made of paper. the costliness revolted and burned the paper in the streets.

the townshend acts of 1763

the colonist formed boycotts and protested in the streets.

the boston masacure

the colonist were boycotting so some soldiers blocked and controlled the crowd armed. one of the colonist hit a soldier with a cleaver and he shot his gun at them and the others brought theirs out as well. 5 people died.

the tea act of 1773

the king put taxes on the tea so he could afford the war.

the Boston tea party of 1773

angry at taxes, a group of people dressed as natives went into a tea ship at night and dumped all the tea chest in to the ocean.

the intolerable acts of 1774

the government made some unfair rules like paring for the tea that was ruined during the Boston tea party.

lexington and concord

the British arrived in Lexington had a battle and only one of them came out wounded.they than headed toward concord. concord got the message that they were coming and hid there stuff. the British were frustrated and defeated.