WeeVu: The giving back app

By Kelly Allison Period 8

About WeeVu

WeeVu is a charity app created by Matt and Stephanie Strauss in March of 2013. The app was imagined by Matt Strauss who wanted a better, faster, easier way for people to connect to local business and charities. The app works by having people shop for their favorite items from business, take a picture of their receipt in the WeeVu app and WeeVu will donate a portion of the purchase to the cause of your choice. The app helps businesses by connecting them to others and gaining more shoppers as well as benefitting charities.

A similarity between my entrepreneur and the entrepreneurs that created WeeVu is that they were both fresh into the business world. Neither of them had an experience before these first business, and they became hard working and successful. A difference between them is that Matt and Stephanie are partners so they could easily bounce ideas off of each other. Tory Burch was in it all by herself