Native Amazonians

by: Austin Breunig

Native Amazonians

  • Native Amazonians are hunters of the Amazon.
  • They use the wild life and they don't destroy it.
  • They appreciate the wild life because it is there home and has been for a long time.

We need to protect the rain forests and the Native Amazonians agree.

Native Amazonians have been in the rain forest for a long time and it wouldn't be fair to take it away from them.

Native Amazonians use the Amazon wisely and nicely they take care of it, unlike the loggers who cut the rain forest down.

The rain forest is like the earths lungs and without it we could die from pollution and lack of oxygen and who would want that?

Native Amazonians......

They were there first so why would we want to take the land away from them?

Why shouldn't other groups be there instead?

Well, groups like loggers, cattle ranchers and settlers just don't get it. They don't appreciate the rain forest like the Native Amazonians. They only care for them selves and the Native Amazonians care for the rain forest. They don't understand the culture and the history of the Amazon. We lived threw it and know about it. The Native Amazonians work hard to keep the culture and have worked hard since the 1960's thats a very long time of hard work!

For Social Studies and the Native Amazonians!!!!!

Thanks for reading all of the information and remember that the Native Amazonians take care of the Amazon rain forest.