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Portland Circle of Friends & Family Preschool

Our Mission

Portland Circle of Friends and Family Preschool serves young children by providing a developmentally appropriate play-based program, which builds high self-esteem and encourages problem solving skills.
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Welcome & Welcome Back!

We look forward to a wonderful year of growth and nurture at Portland Circle of Friends & Family! There is so much to share as we embark on a new school year of adventure and wonder but we thought it might be lovely to start by nurturing the parents!

In the link shared here, you will find "10 Things Every Parent Should Know about Play"

This piece should reaffirm why you chose Portland Circle of Friends & Family.

So, give yourself a pat on the back for being a great parent and read these reminders of ways that play helps our littles thrive! Enjoy!

Tuition Reminder

September’s tuition is due no later than the first day of class; after September, tuition is due by the first of the month. As of 7/1/17, All square and paypal transactions will include a service fee.

  • Caterpillar tuition is $110 per month;
  • Butterfly tuition is $145 per month.
  • Cash, Check, Paypal and Square are all acceptable forms of payment.

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Upcoming Dates You Wanna Know About!

September Events

  • 9/6 Preschool Orientation 6-8pm
  • 9/11 First Day (Butterflies)
  • 9/12 First Day (Caterpillars)
  • 9/26, 9/28 Photo Day (Caterpillars)
  • 9/27, 9/29 Photo Day (Butterflies)

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Teacher Tami's Wish List for the School

Staples for our school:

  • 2T-6X play clothes - Bring on the hand me downs!
  • Playdough Supplies, food coloring, flour, salt.
  • Copy Paper - Grab a ream or reach out for in kind donations at your leisure.
  • Coffee, Tea & Supplies - Keep Calm and Caffeinate. Do what works.
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Donations Done Easy!

Asking for an in kind donation is probably one of the easiest "Asks" anyone can make since it doesn't require anyone to open their wallet! Here are some helpful tips and tricks I've learned.

  1. Think about the school in your daily life, as you go about your day and if you think "Wow! I know other PCOFF families would love this place/service/etc.." keep that business in mind for the ask.
  2. Ask in passive situations. When you are patroning a business, ask casually who you talk to about a donation. This is easier than thinking of a place under pressure!
  3. Make the arrangements with the business, connect them to Rita Adamski, our fundraising coordinator and your work is done!
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Thank you! Gracias! Bahut dhanyavaad!

Thank you to the board, for your commitment to the school, to Tami for your continued commitment for more than 20 years to the school and our kids, and to the parent volunteers, it takes a village!
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Reminders from the Board

Be sure to keep up on the events taking place and make sure to have your payments in by the first day of school. Thanks!

About Us

Our program offers a hands-on learning environment, encouraging independence, positive social interactions and meaningful learning experiences. We believe in helping children build self-esteem in a non-competitive atmosphere, where personal challenges are valued as a natural happening from which we learn. We believe that helping children learn to accept what is beautifully unique about themselves and others is of primary importance.