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The P&F Cake Stall raised over $1200 for our school! Sincere thanks to all parents who donated items to the cake stall, gave money to their children to purchase a treat, and those who helped us on the day. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Hold my hand, Lord, show me the way
Help me be grateful for every day
Show me the difference between right and wrong
Keep me safe, Lord, all night long
Give me direction on what to do,
lead the way, Lord, I trust in you

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers

Our wonderful P&F ran a very successful Cake Stall last week, raising $1200. I would like to thank our generous families for donating so many delicious baked goods to sell. The funds raised go towards materials and resources that support teaching and learning programs in the school or community building.

With only one two weeks left of school, many children are feeling really tired. When children get tired, tolerance towards their peers diminishes, so we ask that parents ensure their children are getting enough rest each night. Sufficient sleep is a pre-condition for learning and we want children to be ready to learn every day.

In reading Semester 2 school reports, I am very pleased to see how many children have school attendance levels of almost 100 percent. Some children have much lower levels of attendance and this is concerning for us. Academic achievement is linked to attendance. While cold and flu viruses and other illness can not be avoided and we do encourage families to keep sick children at home, it is important that children attend school regularly to ensure progress in their learning.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind parents that we are a ‘nut-aware’ school. We have students who have life-threatening anaphylactic allergies to different types of nuts. Some of our students’ allergies to nuts are so severe that they do not need to ingest the nut to have a reaction, but are allergic through touch or airborne particles. Please DO NOT pack nuts or nut products in your children’s lunch boxes.

In last week’s newsletter I mentioned that we would be sending out a special edition newsletter setting out the behaviour procedures in our school. We are going to delay this newsletter until the start of next term.

Please ensure that your child attends school in the correct uniform. Items of clothing are being added which do not form part of our school uniform. From next week we are going to be issuing uniform infringement notices to children who are not wearing our uniform correctly. Our uniform gives students a sense of belonging and identity and it needs to be worn with pride. A level of personal discipline is required to wear the uniform well and we ask parents/carers to assist their children in wearing our uniform correctly. If there is any family who is unable to afford an item of the school uniform, please come and speak to Sharon in the front office. We are happy to assist by trying to find second-hand uniform items which may be suitable for your child.

Please consider donating any uniform items in good condition that your child/ren have outgrown, to our second-hand uniform shop. Through your generous donations we are able to help families who are struggling in our school community. Please bring your second-hand uniform items to our front office. Thank you for showing the Mercy value of compassion for others.

God bless you all.

Ondine Komnick


Important dates coming up

Friday 18 June - Cross Country

Wednesday 23 June - Crazy Hair day for LifeLink

Thursday 24 June - Year 3 Assembly **Note: Thursday instead of Friday due to Interschool**

Thursday 24 June - P&F Meeting 6.00pm & Advisory Council Meeting 7.30pm

Friday 25 June - Interschool Carnival

Saturday 26 June - Penance Commitment Mass 6 pm

Sunday 27 June - Penance Commitment Mass 9.30 am

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Next Wed - Crazy Hair Day

Crazy Hair Day is our gold-coin LifeLink fundraiser. The children really enjoy the day and we appreciate all the time and effort families put into these marvellous creations. We can't wait to see the hairstyles!
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Next Wed - Open Morning for Aboriginal Playgroup

We are so excited about the Open Morning for our new Aboriginal Playgroup! Please extend the invitation to any families you know who may be interested. For parents with a baby, toddlers or first time pregnant mums - all are welcome!

  • We will have breakfast for the children and morning tea for parents.
  • 9.15 am at Our Lady of Mercy Primary School, Girrawheen.

Aluel's Music Audition - We are so proud!

Last Saturday, Aluel Dau in Year 3 (one of OLOM's starry Combined Choir members) was invited to take part in live auditions for a vocal/ group solo in front a panel of judges from One Big Voice. She represented us all BEAUTIFULLY - sweet singing, word perfect and marvellous manners shown.

Aluel - you have done us all proud! Congratulations on winning a vocal solo/ group solo for our upcoming One Big Voice concert!

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Teacher Feature: Ms Agnello - Music

Meet Ms Agnello, our hardworking and talented Music Teacher. She teaches us how to sing and play musical instruments.
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Please bring in Health Care Cards

If you have a Health Care Card, please bring it to the front office. The school receives funds for Health Cards, so it really helps the entire school community when you bring these in.

Register now for Outside School Hours Care - Camp Australia

Register you child for before and after school hours care with Camp Australia. Activities and food included! Read more about the service and fees and register your child on the links below.
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Calendar and dates to remember

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