George: A Writer

Who Am I as a Writer

I am a Writer Who. . .

I am a writer who likes to share his work and get feedback from others. I am enthusiastic about writing in my free time in school and at home. My strengths are coming up with ideas, knowing the story behind the story, and flowing the story.

A Memorable Experience

My good experience was when I learned the key to flowing the story. This experience was memorable because then I could take multiple paragraphs and make the flow. I took away the key of taking the last sentence and making it similar to the next paragraph.

Sixth Grade Writing Goals

To write three books
To get some of my ideas into my books
To expand and use all genres

About Me

I am a historian in training who likes to write long books. I am intrigued by Greek mythology. The ideas I get are usually from other books. Also, I love writing.