Mrs. Haas' Third Grade News

January 10, 2016

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Last week we learned about suffixes, and this week we will focus on prefixes. Students will learn about the prefixes pre-, pro-, re-, mis-, and un-. We will also review finding the topic, main idea, and details when reading nonfiction text.

Writer's Workshop

Students are working hard on their persuasive text. Last week they picked their topic and began brainstorming their reasons why someone should agree with them. There are lots of different topics being written about. Some students are writing on why they should get their own phone, and some are writing about wanting a new pet. Check in with your third grader to see what their topic is.


We will continue to work through Topic 8 this week.

We will focus on the 3s for our multiplication and division facts this week.


As students prepared for the egg drop they took lots of pictures of their capsules. They also took pictures during the drop to document their result. This week we will use all the pictures to create a presentation on the egg drop. Students will explain the purpose of the experiment, share their results, and teach others what gravity is.