Culture Notes

Chapter 2

When you are at someones house or a dinner party.

It is tradition in France to bring a small gift when you are asked to have dinner with someone. Flowers, candy, and wine are all fine examples of small gifts to bring. When having dinner avoid the topics of profession, political views, age, and salary.
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French Homes

French homes are different then ones in America. The toilette is usually separated from the sink and the shower/bath. Most french homes only have one tv and it is located in a family room, where everyone can watch. French beds usually have one long pillow that covers the width of the bed and most teenagers do not have phones in their rooms for it is expensive. Another odd thing is that they don't have closets, rather they have wardrobes to hold clothing.
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Compliments and responses

When you compliment a french persons home they take it as if you were complimenting their clothing. You and French people should not only answer with merci. You can also use, "Tu trouves?', meaning you think. "C'est Vrai?" meaning is it really? "Vraiment?", "really?" and "c'est gentil" meaning "thats nice".
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Notre-Dame de Chartes

Notre-Dame is one of the most famous cathedrals in France. It is known for its famously Gothic architecture. A cathedral is easily identified by its many big towers. Notre Dame has an amazing tower with a huge stain glass window called the Rose for its amazing colors and stories inside. Millions of people come every year to see the famous Rose located on the tower of Notre-Dame.
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