Long Qt Syndrome

By Michael Graika

What is long Qt Syndrome

Long QT syndrome is a sudden arrhythmia death syndrome. Long QT syndrome includes irregularities in the recharging of the heart’s electrical system that occurs after each heartbeat. The QT interval is the period of relaxation or recovery that is required for the recharging of the electrical system following each heart contraction.

How is Long Qt Syndrome inherited

Long Qt Syndrome is a dominant condition that only one copy of the nonworking gene is needed for the development of Long Qt Syndrome. An individual who inherits a normal gene from one parent and an abnormal gene from the other parent is more likely to have Long Qt Syndrome.


Unfortunately, sudden death by cardiac arrest is the a symptom of Long QT Syndrome. Other symptoms include dizziness, sudden loss of consciousness, fainting (syncopes), or convulsive seizures. These symptoms are caused by a lack blood flow to the brain.

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