by Denise Ware


Background- On June 17, 1972 there were several burglars that got arrested inside the office of the Democratic National Committee, located in the Watergate building by Washington D.C. It wasn’t a normal robbery. The prowlers were connected to President Nixon reelection campaign, and they got caught in the act of wiretapping the phones and stealing secret documents. A lot of people wonder if Nixon really knew about the Watergate operation before it happened. There some people that do believe that he was parted of the scandal. When the people that think he was part of it they said, he try to cover up the situation by raising hush money for the buglers, trying to stop FBI.


Perspectives- An author by the name of Gerald R. Ford wrote an article about the Watergate investigations and he wanted to write the article because, he wanted to see if the people will really believe the scandal or not. He also wanted to see how people would responded and what they think about the situation about Nixon knowing about the Watergate.

2 perspective

perspective- Another author by the name of Judith S. Baughman wrote her article in one person perspective, the way President Nixon will talk and say in the story. Judith is trying to tell the audience that Nixon is aware of the situation and that he sorry and wish that this incident didn’t happen.

Different Bias

In the first article there are bias by story which support the point of the investigation and it has a lot of evidence. Another one bias by placement the story start off in order from begging of the scandal and to the end. The last one is bias by spin which give the whole presentation of the story what it is all about.

Different Bias

The second article had bias by placement thing where in order top to bottom and they show all the different details the important details in the story. Bias by omission there are some important info that been left out but there some info that clear to what the situation is all about.

Types Of critisem

The first article is has a lot of historical criticism because base on this situation it all history base and this was an important event that took place in life. This could be Marxist criticism because this situation just has men in it and show men are very challenging, serious and this role for men are important they lead the way in this situation

Types of crtisem

The second article contain Historical criticism in this article it had a lot of information about the scandal and cultural criticism because the political situation and the people think that the event more serious because this event is a serious situation and can have a great impact on the government

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