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K-3rd Grade In-Person learning!

We were so pleased to bring back our Kindergarten through 3rd-Grade students for In-Person learning this past week! We're excited to see our 4th & 5th-Graders in-person starting Tuesday, Jan. 26th!

Reminder: Mondays are FULLY REMOTE (starting Jan. 25th)

Starting Jan. 25th, every Monday will be FULLY REMOTE

Going forward, ALL students (K-5) will work with their teacher ALL day (ends at 2:15 pm) remotely via Zoom on Mondays.


Students will resume their A or B groups that they were in during Jan. 19-22.

Group A (with the teacher in the mornings)

- 8:45-11:20 am (Tuesday-Friday)

Group B (with the teacher in the afternoons)

- 1:00-3:45 pm (Tuesday-Friday)

Questions?: click here for more information at D93's website

4th/5th Grade starts in-person on Tuesday, Jan. 26th

We are so excited to welcome our 4th and 5th graders to In-Person learning starting Tuesday (Mondays are fully remote) Jan. 26th.

Group A (Tuesday-Friday)

- 8:45-11:20 am (with the teacher in the mornings)

- 1:00-3:45 CATs / Asynchronous learning (independent activities)

Group B (Tuesday-Friday)

- 8:45-11:20am CATs / Asynchronous learning (independent activities)

- 1:00-3:45 pm (with the teacher in the afternoons)

Daily Student Screener

Please remember that for our In-Person students (A & B), parents need to complete the health screener every day. We monitor the responses each day to ensure your child is safe. If your child has a symptom included on the screener, please indicate and connect with us at 630-588-5400 to discuss next steps.

A students: please complete it by 8:20 am (Tues-Fridays)

B students: please complete it by 12:45 pm (Tues-Fridays)

Click here to access directions for completing the health screener.

Arrival / Dismissal : K-5 (starting Jan. 26th)

Tues-Fridays (Mondays are fully remote)

A Group: Drop off starts at 8:35 am / Pick up starts at 11:20 am

B Group: Drop off starts at 1:00 pm / Pick up starts at 3:45 pm

If you are more than 10-15 min late dropping off or picking up your child, you are asked to park and walk up to the school (Door #1) with your child.

PTA: Mystery Reader Event (via Zoom)

On Thursday, Jan. 28th starting at 6:15 pm, students are inviting to virtually participate in a school-wide Mystery Reader event.

Click here to sign up for this event! (after you sign up, you will receive the Zoom information).

CATs Time Reminder:

Students engage in CATs every day via Zoom. Students' participation in CATs each day is expected, so please support your child by setting reminders and timers for when their CATs starts. Please see the charts below for the CATs time. You can access the Zoom link on your child's SeeSaw/Google Classroom.

Mondays (fully remote - no A/B groups)

4th Grade: 8:55-9:35am

3rd Grade: 9:35-10:15am

5th Grade: 10:15-10:55am

Kindergarten: 12:15-12:55pm

1st Grade: 12:55-1:35pm

2nd Grade: 1:35-2:15pm

Tuesday-Fridays (A /B )

B- Students (have CATs in the mornings)

Kindergarten & 4th-Grade: 9-9:45am

1st-Grade & 3rd-Grade: 9:45-10:30am

2nd-Grade & 5th-Grade: 10:30-11:15 am

A-Students (have CATs in the afternoons)

Kindergarten & 4th-Grade: 1:25-2:10pm

1st-Grade & 3rd-Grade: 2:10-2:55pm

2nd-Grade & 5th-Grade: 2:55-3:40pm

20-21 Talent Show

Please click here to access directions for the 20-21Talent Show

Student/Family Wellness Screener

Please consider completing our student and/or family wellness screener, so we can know how our staff can support you. Thank you!

Link: https://forms.gle/3B3J5BCQgm2wYQWV8

iPad Battery Issues: Troubleshooting

Please click here to access some tips for troubleshooting your iPad battery

Need help- who to contact:

Technical issues (logging into your device, accessing apps, Zoom connectivity): contact Mrs. Spadlowski at 630-588-5417

Learning Activities posted on SeeSaw: contact your child's teacher directly via SeeSaw/Google Classroom, email, or by phone.

Miscellaneous: contact Principal Kyle at 847-802-2505 or email him directly kyles@ccsd93.com

Mr. Kyle's Contact Info - PLEASE SAVE

Communication is more important than ever, so please be sure to save Mr. Kyle's contact information below into your phone for quick and easy calls/texts from him. Thank you!

Mr. Kyle: 847-802-2505