Vote for the Colombian exchange


What is the Colombian exchange

The Colombian exchange is when the Europeans and the Native Americans traded animals and food with each other.

positive and negative affects from the Colombian exchange

3 examples of positive affects are #1 new foods for them to live on #2 new animals like when the Europeans gave the Native Americans the horse it helped them catch their food faster. #3 Another example is they go a lot of new things and really awesome things out of them trading their stuff. 3 examples of negative affects are #1 the Europeans brought over diseases.#2 The diseases made all of the new food spoiled and the couldn't eat them so they had less to eat so it was harder to survive. #3 From the diseases many people got sick and probably some people even died.

vote for the columbian exchange

Vote for the columbine exchange because if we never had it we wouldn't have a lot of the awesome food we have today.Also we wouldn't have all of the animals that help us today like the horse it still helps us with transportation today. I mean they did bring over the diseases but besides that we got a lot of amazing things from the columbine exchange .


In conclusion you should vote for the columbine exchange because without it we wouldn't have all of the amazing things like food and amazing animals today.
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